The Best Beer Writing You’ll Read Today

By Tom Lee

Unlike a lot of the other folks here, I am not a perpetual chef.  I’m much more likely to, say, make the same omelet every night for three months (in order to perfect the technique) than I am to flit from recipe to recipe.  This has left me searching for things to discuss here — although when I find them I’m usually prepared to talk about them emphatically.

Beer is one of those things.  Emily and I have made homebrew; we’ve gone to beer festivals; we read Mid-Atlantic Brewing News; and we spend a lot of time in Philadelphia (which, trust me, is probably the best qualification of the ones listed).  So naturally the first post I wrote for the IFA was about beer: the reinheitsgebot, barley enzymes, the lyricism of the word “sparging” — all of it.  I was particularly excited as I went to bed last night, having just found a map of relative water hardnesses in England that, I thought, would  really cap the thing off nicely.

But damn if Burkhard Bilger hasn’t beaten me to the punch, cramming a tremendous amount of beer information into a New Yorker article that profiles Dogfish Head Brewery.  The result is a fantastic read.

So go have a look at that instead — I should have something for you about omelets in a few more months.


3 responses to “The Best Beer Writing You’ll Read Today

  1. Midwest Product

    Growing up, Rehoboth was the tourist-trap of choice for my family; my first experiences away from the upper Midwest were either there or in DC, or sometimes both. I had always assumed from my visits there that it was a total hellhole with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, so I was very surprised to discover a few years back that they were home to such a decent brewery.

  2. Please do write some on beer, my favorite subject. It does not get anywhere near the respect it deserves. Any self-respecting foodie ought to know the ins-and-outs of really good beer.

    You might enjoy reading about the coffee oatmeal stout I recently designed, which actually got brewed by a local commercial brewer (I work in telecom and am but a very small potatoes homebrewer, so it was a big deal for me).

    All posts in reverse chronological order:

  3. Tom, this isn’t the dutch over pizza-blogging I was looking for.

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