A Harmonious Union Of Thanksgiving Meat

turkeypigset400By Spencer Ackerman
\Leave it to my beloved friend and FDL colleague Marcy Wheeler to undermine the turkey-skepticism of such blogospheric gourmands as Matthew Yglesias, Markos Moulitsas and myself. With an Obamaesque call for unity, she presents an intriguing idea: baconturkey.

Just slap a pound of bacon on top. It’s the perfect way to slowly apply salt to the meat and it keeps the bird perfectly moist without basting. And by the time the Detroit Lions manage to lose another game, that bacon’s perfectly cooked for a mid-afternoon snack, just when it’s time to start browning the bird.

This makes perfect sense. After all, the key to turkey is making it a) moist, b) savory and c) somewhat salty, all under conditions of sustained heat. Deliciously fatty bacon is a sensible conduit for the heat that intensifies the flavor. I’m not going to cook a turkey tomorrow — not for any ideological position, just because — but I wonder if you could make this even better by just slathering the bastard in duck or goose fat.


7 responses to “A Harmonious Union Of Thanksgiving Meat

  1. But if you slather it with goose fat, what will you eat to console yourself when the Lions lose again?

  2. spencerackerman

    Doesn’t this question answer itself?

    On the football question: I eat not to soothe my soul after a Detroit loss. I eat to pay tribute to the Creator, so She will giveth me a Dallas loss.

  3. My wife uses salt pork — same idea and it really works!

  4. I usually smoke at least one turkey during the holiday season (thanks, heard all the jokes, big fucking papers, exceptional lung power, try again), and I put a stick or two of softened butter under the breast skin to baste as the bird cooks. This also works for roasting.

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  7. thank you, very interesting idea

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