Extremely Simple Dual-Meat Dinner

pigchickenBy Spencer Ackerman

I can’t really get Marcy Wheeler’s bacon-wrapped turkey out of my mind. Luckily it inspired the meal I just finished eating: prosciutto-wrapped chicken breast with coconut mashed-potatoes and broccoli. Preparing it couldn’t be simpler.

For the coconut mashed potatoes, follow the recipe here, adjusting for portions. For the broccoli, you know, just steam it in a bit of salted water. If you like, throw some butter in the mix.

For the chicken, season a chicken breast with salt and freshly-ground pepper on both sides. Use a bit less salt than you otherwise would, because you’re going to take two or three strips of prosciutto and wrap the seasoned chicken in it, and the prosciutto will add salt. Don’t worry about getting every little bit of chicken wrapped up. Heat an oven to 350 degrees. Chop up a shallot or yellow onion. Heat a frying pan and, when you feel it getting warm, throw in two tbls. of butter and melt it. Throw in the shallot/onion for about a minute and then put the chicken in, over medium heat. After about six or seven minutes, flip the chicken and throw about half a cup of white wine into the pan. After cooking for a slightly smaller amount of time as the other side, throw your pan into the oven for about eight to ten minutes. Remove and serve with the potatoes and broccoli.

Seriously, that’s it. The prosciutto will crisp up nicely for a pleasant leathery texture while protecting the moisture of the chicken inside. Go watch some TV — in my case, Attack of the Show and then Cops — before proceeding to the next part of your evening, fortified with another pleasant union of poultry and pork.

3 responses to “Extremely Simple Dual-Meat Dinner

  1. Bah, never steam broccoli when you can roast it. I understand it contributes to the ease of preparation, but I’m convinced that if kids had roasted (sweeter) instead of steamed (bitter) broccoli, we wouldn’t be facing class after class of fat, fat children.

  2. spencerackerman

    A good general principle, but I was really going for convenience here.

  3. Amandawithana

    I have some prosciutto left over from this recipe: http://www.whatwereeating.com/recipes/holiday-recipes-stuffed-sweet-potatoes-wrapped-in-prosciutto/

    This is perfect!

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