Where To Go For Uighur Food In NoVA?

By Spencer Ackerman

So Laura McGann, my colleague at the Washington Independent, and I were talking about our other colleague Daphne Eviatar’s piece today about the detention-without-cause of 17 Uighurs at Guantanamo Bay. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, it’s a true debacle: for seven years, these men have been held as enemy combatants at Guantanamo; the Bush administration concedes they pose no threat to national security; yet for a variety of reasons, the administration refuses to let them go, lest it repatriate them to China, where they’d face continued abuse. Naturally Laura mentioned food.

Specifically, she said that she heard there are some good Uighur-cuisine restaurants in northern Virginia, which makes sense, as there’s a significant Uighur community in the area. The problem is that I’ve done a cursory Google search and came up with nothing. This, I suppose, is a question for Tyler Cowen, but do you guys know where I could get some Uighur food around here? The Uighurs are native to western China, which strikes me as a goldmine of spices and preparations — on the Silk Road, before the Himalayas, right where Indian food blends in with Han Chinese cuisine. Check out this video:

Seriously, this looks great. (Are those… bagels?) Where should I go?


5 responses to “Where To Go For Uighur Food In NoVA?

  1. I don’t know of any! Let me know if you find some…

  2. You’ll have luck if you search under “muslim chinese.” Here’s a link to the DC area association of Muslim restaurants…I think you’ll find it most useful for finding what you are looking for:


  3. spencerackerman

    @Josh, THANK YOU.

  4. My friends and I went out to suburbia to eat some Uighur food one time. It was good but turns out they weren’t Uighurs, but Han Chinese converts.

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