All I Want for Christmas is Candy: Mint M&Ms



7 responses to “All I Want for Christmas is Candy: Mint M&Ms

  1. spencerackerman

    Aren’t these just smaller Junior Mints?

  2. No, they’re minty-flavored chocolate with a sugar coating, not waxy “chocolate” with a liquidy mint filling. Vastly superior to Junior Mints.

    BUT! The kind in this picture are the kind of Mint M&Ms I want to find and can’t — they look normal (“plain”) sized. The kind I’ve been able to get so far this holiday season are very good, but really big (“peanut butter” sized or larger). Really not as satisfying for some reason.

  3. Amandawithana

    I wait all year for the mint M&Ms!!! I keep a few bags in the freezer after the holidays (they usually only last until about Easter). I haven’t picked any up this year, but I hope I can get some “normal” sized ones.

  4. Junior Mints are chocolate flavored mints, these are mint flavored chocolates.

    M&Ms sort of make Mars the Google of candy in my opinion. Grandpa would’ve said GM, but there you go. An alien anthropologist visiting the hastily abandoned ruins of my office at some point in the future might think they were some kind of sacrament. They are the only common office candy I’ve ever seen to so frequently sport a branded dispenser. And the ads! They rival Budweiser ads in expense while playing to a much larger demographic.

    Mars does $23 billion dollars a year in sales. I’d love to know how much these suckers bring in.

  5. Brodysattva
    Would you take me by the hand
    Would you take me by the hand
    Can you show me
    The shine of your japan
    The sparkle of your china…

  6. There’s never enough of those in the stores. I have a hard time finding them at all.

  7. Sure, as long as you’re willing to sell your house in town.

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