What I ate besides turkey

by Kate Steadman

holy strip steaks!

holy strip steaks!

Sure, I had the traditional thanksgiving fare. I ate my weight in stuffing (it’s honestly my favorite breakfast dish). But visiting home entails five decadent meals at minimum. Today I’m sharing another tradition enjoyed last weekend — KC Strip Steaks with homemade fries. Courtesy of The Dad.

Listen: You wish you grew up in Kansas because if you did, you’d have eaten enormous, perfectly singed, home grown strip steaks every Sunday night. It almost makes up for sharing statehood with Fred Phelps.

There’s not really a recipe for this. You shake on some kind of steak seasoning, throw it on a very hot charcoal grill. Look at that perfect pink:



For the homemade fries, and I promise there’s no better combo than this, cut plain old russet potatoes into thin long strips. Don’t peel them. Season with salt (the Lawry’s Seasoned Salt mixture is particularly good). Fry in about 2 inches of canola oil. The home-fried goodness will bring tiny tears to your eyes. And your arteries.



4 responses to “What I ate besides turkey

  1. While this really does look delicious, as the proud owner of a deep fat fryer ($10 on Craig’s List) I have to say that if you aren’t double frying your potatoes you aren’t really eating top notch fries.

  2. Oh, I should add that my prefered temps and times are something like:
    4-6 minutes at 325º
    dry the fries off
    6-8 minutes at 375º

  3. really?? I kind of love them not double fried. It’s what makes ’em special

  4. Well, I guess it is a matter of personal preference but I spent awhile trying to get fries that were crispy on the outside and relatively soft but cooked through on the inside by frying the potatoes only once and had little success.
    I think a big part of this is whether you are a person who really likes crispy fries. Needless to say, I am. But, if you haven’t tried double fried fries at home, I would definitely try it.

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