BLEG: Sugar Cookie Recipes

by Sara Mead

If it’s not obvious already, I love Christmas. And I especially love Christmas sweets. I’ve got big plans for some serious cookie baking later this month (check back in a few weeks for results). But I’m facing a challenge: I don’t have a good sugar cookie recipe. And you’ve got to have sugar cookies to decorate at Christmas. I’ve tried several sugar cookie recipes over the years, and none of them quite worked. Usually I end up with a cookie that’s too thin and gets brown around the edges, or one that’s too sweet for the icing I want to put on it, or too dry and tasteless. So, IFA readers: A challenge to you. Can you point me towards a perfect sugar cookie recipe for this holiday season?


4 responses to “BLEG: Sugar Cookie Recipes

  1. The rich rolled cookies in the old Joy of Cooking is the one I always use.

    Also, if your cookies are browning on the edges, you may just be rolling them too thin.

  2. i’ve had good results with america’s test kitchen’s recipe

  3. Just another quick comment on too-thin cookies.

    When I first met my husband, we were both bread bakers, but he always made loaves that were kind of flat. He asked me to watch him make bread to figure out what he was doing wrong with the dough. Not enough kneading? Too much flour? What on earth could it be???

    As it turned out, it was just that he should have been putting in more dough per pan.

    I have the same feeling about your too-thin cookies. Why not just roll the dough thicker? I usually don’t even roll. I make it at the last minute with the kids (not enough time to refrigerate it as instructed), and we pat the dough about 1/4 inch thick or so.

    The same with biscuits: if you want those tall, fluffy biscuits, you just pat the dough an inch thick instead of trying to eke out 24 biscuits from an 8-biscuit batch.

    Sometimes the problems of cooking are simple to solve. Your recipe could be totally fine.

  4. There’s a great Alice Waters recipe for some really easy sugar cookies that I think she called Cat’s Tongues, which come to think of it isn’t a great name for a cookie. But I made them, and they were good!

    The recipe is in the Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook.

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