Things I Have Recently Eaten For Dinner That My Misguided Roommates Have Wrongly Declared “Disgusting”

by Becks

But you all know better, right?

Leftovers of a salad I made out of cornbread cubes, blueberries, and hazelnuts, dressed with lemon juice
A Mark Bittman recipe from the NYT. They objected to the fact that I ate the leftovers with milk, calling it “cornmeal mush”. I don’t get their problem with cornmeal mush — it’s delicious. When I was a kid, we’d always make more cornbread than we needed so we could leave the extra out to get stale and eat it broken up in a bowl with milk. That’s the best part!

Hot Buttered Grape-Nuts
Pour yourself some Grape-Nuts, just barely cover them with milk, and put some slivers of butter on top. Microwave it on 50% for about 2 1/2 minutes, watching it the whole time. (The “on 50%” and “watching it the whole time” parts are crucial because it puffs up as you cook it, much like if you’ve ever microwaved Cream of Wheat, and you want to stop the microwave if it’s about to overflow the bowl.) Seriously, this is a delicious, easy, stick-to-your-ribs, warm-you-right-up wintertime meal good for any time of the day.

A Roast Beef and Potato Chip Sandwich
While not an everyday ingredient, potato chips on a sandwich can add a nice bit of salty flavor and texture. They’re best on a club sandwich but did a nice job of jazzing up some boring deli meat in this case.


9 responses to “Things I Have Recently Eaten For Dinner That My Misguided Roommates Have Wrongly Declared “Disgusting”

  1. Cornmeal mush= good. I wager you but not your roommates are from the midwest?
    Hot grapenuts=the only way I would ever eat grapenuts
    Potato chips on sandwich=meh. people near me sings its praises but it doesn’t do anything for me. Not gross tho.

    Final Tally Becks: 2.5 Roomates: 0.

  2. Charles George

    I personally like potato chips on a bagel with cream cheese. Especially with those Jalapeño chips that are all the rage (I like Tim’s Cascade, but I can’t get them on the east coast :( ).

  3. When I was a kid, my buddy Travis would bring the same lunch to school every day: sweet Lebanon bologna (this was rural Pennsylvania) on a plain white sandwich roll, topped with potato chips. I was always both intrigued and just a little bit disgusted.

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  5. There’s certainly nothing “disgusting” about potato chips IN the sammich. Personally, the texture’s a deal breaker for me, but I DO gotta have chips WITH a sammich.

    Corn bread is one of the bestest things on the planet. In cubes with berries and nuts? That’s close to perfect, although I found the lemon juice a bit jarring. A tablespoon of heavy cream mixed with a tablespoon of good maple syrup drizzled over the top seems more in keeping with the gestalt of the bowl. But disgusting? Man, what DO your roommates eat?


  6. The Executive Surf Club here in Corpus Christi serves a ‘Surf Burger’. Regular hamburger with the top bun slathered with refried pinto beans and Fritos. Best I’ve ever had. The fried shrimp with a crushed corn flakes batter on a bed of battered fries is pretty superb also.

  7. Chips on a sandwich! Ha! Come to Pittsburgh, where we don’t believe that that tiny slivers of fried potatoes are enough! We go for the real deal: french fries. And if that’s not enough, we add coleslaw to them as well.

  8. Here in the south, we crumble our cornbread, douse it in buttermilk, and chomp it on down. But it is probably way better cornbread than Bittman’s.

  9. potato chips on any and all sandwiches is, in a word, divine.

    my mother would not approve.

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