Quotation Marks Are Not For Emphasis

By Spencer Ackerman

This is the scene today at the heated-lamp buffet at Universal Gourmet, Connecticut Avenue NW between Florida and T.
I opted for a bagel.


5 responses to “Quotation Marks Are Not For Emphasis

  1. We really need to get you a real camera.

  2. I eat there almost everyday

  3. Actually, I mistakenly made this complaint once in front of my father, who said that in typing class in the 1960s you learned that quotation marks WERE for emphasis, because they were unable to italicize on typewriters. Or should I say “were” for emphasis?

    I have not checked out the orthographic history of quotation marks in the Post-WWII era, but I trust my dad. On the other hand, I would not buy “turkey” meat either. Eew.

  4. Scary….the low pixel photo emphasizes the scene.

  5. I don’t think so — what I remember from 1970s typing classes that underlining was the equivalent of italics. That’s always been the convention in typing bibliographies, for example. You could underline even on much older typewriters, like my Dad’s 1930s-vintage Imperial — you just backspaced and hit the underline key.

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