Repeal Day: Let the children drink!

By Emily Thorson

drinkingHey, it’s Repeal Day! That’s right, December 5th is the 75th anniversary of the passage of the 21st Amendment (or, if you want to be all negative, the repeal of the 18th Amendment).

Although I applaud the trend of celebrating legislative activity, I’m a bit skeptical of this particular holiday. Within a few years it will be just another excuse for drunken asswads to throw up in the bathroom of your favorite bar (see also: St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve, every Friday and Saturday anywhere in DC).

Some links: first, an excellent historical overview from my favorite whiskey/beer blogger Lew Bryson.

Second–how about the recent proposal by a bunch of college presidents to lower the drinking age? It bears the improbable name of The Amethyst Initiative, which sounds way too much like a shadowy organization of supervillains for me to take it seriously. Also, what’s with their banner images only showing people drinking wine and champagne? It’s an unfair stigmatization of beer.

Here’s my quick breakdown of the pros/cons of lowering the drinking age:


Young people shouldn’t be weighed down with the heavy responsibility of drinking. Instead, they should be focusing their youthful energy on carefree activities such as serving in the army and on juries.

Binge drinking is an important part of the non-academic educational process at elite secondary schools, providing students with the skills they need to prosper in such varied careers as investment banking, law, advertising, and consulting.

Hypothetically, the lowering of the drinking age would mean that one would no longer be able to get one’s little brother to kill spiders in the bathroom by offering to buy him and his friends beer.


Could provide a much-needed jolt of revenue for failing industries such as Big Wine Cooler and Big Hard Lemonade.

Drinking is awesome.


One response to “Repeal Day: Let the children drink!

  1. “Drinking is awesome.”

    Oh, yeah. Thanks!

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