The Most Revolting Thing Of All Time: Curry-Dusted Pecans

By Spencer Ackerman

I’m too disgusted to find a photo. Fuck it.

Does your office ever get holiday gift baskets filled with snacks from clients or whatever? Today the Center for Independent Media, the parent company of my Washington Independent overlords, got a token of esteem from what I think is our law firm. Lots of solid choices in the basket: Rice Krispie treats, assorted chocolates, a cinnamony cake that appears to be fresh-baked.

But there was something else. A collection of pecans dusted in what seemed to the untrained eye like Sugar In The Raw. Naturally I popped one into my mouth. If the death of a baby can be said to have a flavor, I’ve just discovered it. These pecans, it turns out, were coated in curry powder. Imagine a pecan doused in Old Bay. The flavors go to war with each other before it dawns on them that your mouth is the real enemy and they should team up and accept nothing less than total victory. I brushed my teeth vigorously. If you’ve ever got the urge to dust pecans in curry powder, drop the idea right now.


4 responses to “The Most Revolting Thing Of All Time: Curry-Dusted Pecans

  1. Where are these people getting their ideas? There is a source, unless it’s a complete coincidence that I had a similar experience with the same horrible combination of flavors.

    I once ate a god-awful dessert at an otherwise good fusion restaurant where the pecan pie had curry in it. And no, it didn’t work at all. Plus I had no way of washing the taste out of my mouth because my coffee seemed to intensify the flavor. Ugh. And I had probably paid like $10 for it, too, after tax/tip are factored in.

  2. Hot nuts are pretty common though I think they’re better with beer than coffee at the office. You can see how someone came up with this next abstraction. Pecans however I think are best dressed sweetly. If I were going to spin them in an Indian fashion I’d probably go with cardamom, sugar, maybe cinnamon… An experiment may be necessary.

  3. Wasabi nuts(almonds being tops) kick all kinds of ass, in my humble opinion, so it’s entirely possible I would like curry pecans.

  4. I ate most of the mug. Thought they were great!

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