20 minutes flat

Incredibly hungry. Very cranky. Unsatisfied with a couple of days with no meat in my diet and REALLY needing some sort of serious meat. Steak. Juicy steak. That’s what I want. Continue driving home from work. Go inside and confirm suspicions: no foodstuffs that would scratch that itch. Stomp over to Timor Bodega to procure some goods. Oh no! No steak! No steak-shaped meats of any kind. I guess chorizo will do. Panic! What else? What do I want to do with the chorizo? Pan around the store. I spy:

-can of tomatoes

Stomp home. Start two big pots boiling (one to par-boil the Argentine chorizo, one to boil the potatoes pre-mashing). A few minutes into these things boiling and on their way to being ready, heat olive oil in a sautee pan. Throw in sliced shallots, garlic, sea salt, red chili pepper flakes. In a minute or so, throw in the tomatoes (drained, chopped). Slice up the chorizo. Add to the pan. Once the liquids boil down a bit, throw a little wine in the sautee pan. Drain/mash the potatoes (with butter, salt, milk, pepper, of course). Serve the chorizo mix atop the potatoes. Inhale. Be extremely satisfied once you stop chewing long enough to actually observe the incredibly tasty meal you’ve just put together in 20 minutes, from filling the pots to plating.


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  1. no pictures didnt happen

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