All I Want for Christmas is Candy: Decorative Candies


by Sara Mead

I’ve dedicated this month to blogging about Christmas candies, but when I think Christmas, I really think cookies: Sugar cookies, gingerbread, springerle, I could go on. But to tie this back to candy: What would Christmas cookies be without candy? I mean, how could we decorate our sugar cookies without those little silvery balls (also known as dragees)? Or how could we make Christmas wreathe cookies without red hots? And could we make gingerbread houses without Necco wafers for shingles, licorice strings for doors and window frames, and gumdrops to go, well, everywhere? We simply couldn’t. And that’s why today’s post is dedicated to this season’s unsung candy heroes: the dragees, red hots, and other treats we use to decorate the cookies that take center stage this season.


2 responses to “All I Want for Christmas is Candy: Decorative Candies

  1. Sara — I can’t find those silver balls in the grocery store anymore. any idea where to get them??

  2. They’ve become much harder to find since the FDA’s idiotic ruling that they’re non-edible and requiring manufacturers to label the jars “for decoration only.” You can find them on the internet, and I believe I saw some in the $1 section at Target recently.

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