This is What Reindeer Looks Like

reindeerby Sara Mead

Since Matt’s already blogged about the deliciousness of the reindeer we had in Finland, I thought folks might like to get a glimpse of what the cooked reindeer looks like. Here’s a picture, courtesy of Dana Goldstein, of the meal Matt and I had at Nokka: Braised reindeer knuckle and steak from Salla region with lappish potato puré.  Nokka, featured in the New York Times travel section just this weekend–we were there first!–is a delicious Helsinki restaurant that focuses on modern presentations of traditional Finnish cuisine, using the best local ingredients from small producers (thanks to Jenni Jarventus for recommending this place to us). The larger piece of meat in the center of the picture is the knuckle, and the smaller piece to the right is the steak. As Matt said, it’s incredibly delicious. I did not actually find the taste particularly gamey–more like lamb, in terms of richness and flavor, but different, and, as Matt notes, incredibly tender.


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  2. WE can’t understand it to work, any kind of tips?

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