All I Want for Christmas is Candy: Terry’s Chocolate Orange

chocolate_orangeby Sara Mead

Is there a more delicious flavor combination than chocolate and orange? I’m sure there must be, but honestly, it’s a hard one to beat. And this candy is not only delicious, but fun to eat: You whack it on the table and then when you unwrap it you can easily remove the individual chocolate orange sections. If only the real orange in my Christmas stocking were that easy! Available in both milk and dark chocolate (put me down for the latter), as well as a number of other, clearly inferior, flavors.


14 responses to “All I Want for Christmas is Candy: Terry’s Chocolate Orange

  1. I really hate chocolate oranges.

  2. Midwest Product

    Is there a more delicious flavor combination than chocolate and orange?

    Yes, the combination of chocolate and pretty much anything that isn’t an orange. Chocolate is great. Oranges are great. Chocolate oranges are an abomination.

  3. Don’t listen to them, Sara — chocolate and orange is sublime. These people have kept us down for far too long.

  4. Chocolate oranges are disgusting. For the life of me, I can’t understand the attraction. It’s like spraying orange perfume on a Hershey bar – so unnatural tasting.

  5. Chocolate and orange is very good. Chocolate and raspberry is better.

  6. “Is there a more delicious flavor combination than chocolate and orange?”

    I hope that question was meant to be provocative, as chocolate and orange is one of the most hotly disputed flavors around! Normally I find myself on the pro- side of polarizing flavors (cilantro, licorice, etc.), but the very thought of chocolate and orange makes me nauseous — and that isn’t even hyperbole.

    Rather than seeing the anti-chocolate-orange crew as a repressive force (ahem, Tom), though, chocolate-orange lovers should appreciate that greater numbers of chocolate-orange haters mean more chocolate-oranges for those who like ’em!

  7. Midwest Product

    Cilantro is polarizing?

  8. Apparently to some people, cilantro tastes like soap.

  9. re: Cilantro, yes. It’s a hereditary thing, like whether or not you can roll your tongue. Something genetic makes cilantro taste awful to people, but it really is innate, not just a personal preference issue.

    Btw, I had no idea that the orange-flavored chocolate issue was so controversial! It just always seemed delicious to me. But then, I also like Early Grey tea.

  10. Midwest Product

    I did a quick search for “cilantro soap” and immediately discovered, among others.

    This is totally fascinating to me.

  11. pseudonymous in nc

    Ah, cultural tastes. Americans are brought up to like (sour-tasting) chocolate and peanut butter, a filthy combination that is found in 95% of mass-market confectionery.

    Aussies like chocolate and mint. But chocolate oranges are great, and a genuine Christmas tradition: dark chocolate, preferably.

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  13. Terry's Chocolate Orange Lover

    Don’t listen to all them haters, they think it’s a bad combination ONLY BECAUSE they’ve never tried it before. They’re jealous that those who have tasted it, had the glory of tasting it’s chocolaty goodness. Really guys, go and have one, you’ll soon change your opinion on it.

  14. Vino Luci Style

    Wow; I simply went searching for the name of the confection you describe and am amazed at the haters! Guess I better not mention the words ‘green bell pepper’ huh?

    I love the combination but then I also like squeezing some fresh orange juice into a Coke!

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