All I want for Christmas is Uncle Brutha’s

by Kate Steadman

Oh Uncle Brutha’s. Thank you for the many meals you’ve salvaged with your delectable smoky habaneros. Why, just today you saved my cornstarch-thickened-fake rosemary-enriched Lean Cuisine from the trash. You magically adapt to every food: eggs, beans, wild rice, pasta, sandwiches. On cold days, I need only taste a bit too much to break a sweat. On warm days you dwarf the DC heat.

Yes, Uncle Brutha’s No.10, I hope Santa puts you in my stocking.


4 responses to “All I want for Christmas is Uncle Brutha’s

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  2. Midwest Product

    Speaking of hot sauce, whatever happened to Ezra’s DIY hot sauce plans?

  3. At which retail places in the DC area can you reliably buy this? I want some for my spice-fiend dad, but my local Whole Foods says they don’t have it (despite the listing on, and it’s getting late to order online.

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