An IFA Glossary

by Amanda Mattos

As you may have gathered, the voices behind The IFA are ones very familiar with each other. In fact, we’re close friends. We all live in Washington, D.C. (at least sometimes) and spend quite a bit of time together (much of it, cooking and/or eating). As a result, there’s a sort of common language that we have that might not make much sense to someone that’s… not us. Like, you! So here are a few terms we’re likely to throw around, for future reference. As of right now, it’s just the names of IFA-member residences. But I’ll probably come back and update it as time goes on.

The Flophouse: Made famous by the New York Times, his is the house where Becks, Kriston and Spencer all live. It’s got grubby charm and turquoise floors. It got its name because of the group’s willingness to provide a place for people in need to rest their heads. Also: to drink large quantities of beer.

Hobart House: That’s where Ezra and both Bens live. It’s up in Mt Pleasant and is in serious need of some bookshelves, and more wine glasses. But it is home to a big porch and comfy couches and many welcoming dinner parties.

The Cabana: Yes. We like to name our houses. Since we all live en masse, it’s easier than saying “name and name and name and name’s house.” Get it? Anyway, The Cabana is home to Kate & Kay. It’s got a teeny tiny kitchen and le creuset aplenty. And a very comfortable sleeper sofa.


3 responses to “An IFA Glossary

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  2. I find this blog fascinating. It’s quite possibly the most entertaining thing I read each day. Despite the entertainment, though, I’ve had some trouble figuring out what is so engaging. For example, while the content is mildly informative, it doesn’t really come close to the expertise of your contributors’ other blogs. However, I think this glossary provides a nice window into the appeal of your collective charming-if-amateur gastro-blogging. Basically, it’s not the food it’s the social interaction. You guys are like the cast of a cable sitcom focused on change-the-world twenty-somethings who spend their days fighting for noble progressive cause and their nights hanging out at each other’s amusingly named abodes. It’s like Friends, but for people who spend their lives trying to waste more and more time in front of a computer.

    All of which is to say, keep up the good work and please continue to provide tales of DC-living along with the food – those of us with lesser lives need the vicarious socialization.

    (Also, what happened to the Top Chef live-blog yesterday? Failure to provide weekly running commentary is frankly unacceptable.)

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