Do Not Want: Kashi Pilaf

by Kate Steadman

I love Kashi oatmeal.  I’m regularly mocked for being a fan of  Good Friends cereal, both for it’s utopian look and my apparently elderly cereal preferences.  Kashi’s frozen lunches are the best I’ve had in the genre, and their Tasty Little Crackers (TLC’s) warm my little heart.

But I’m warning you: do not waste your money on Kashi’s Fiery Fiesta Pilaf.

I thought: hey, that’s an attractive pouch. I can microwave it in 2 minutes and it has beans and corn! And must be spicy!

My friends, this product has no flavor. After pouring it into a bowl and eagerly tasting, my heart sank.  It was not spicy.  It was not tomatoey.  The grains had a mediocre texture.  I didn’t even notice the beans or corn.

Like I said: thank you Uncle Brutha’s, for saving this one too.  Along with lots of salt and cheese.  Sheesh.


3 responses to “Do Not Want: Kashi Pilaf

  1. Heh. I actually like that stuff, but I supplement it with extra corn and hot sauce. It’s OK for a quick dinner if dressed up.

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