Holiday Cookie Swap

cookieswap1by Sara Mead

This Monday the ladies of the IFA, along with a few other guests, gathered at my home in picturesque southwest DC (sadly, my home lacks the adorable names so many IFA abodes have–any suggestions for remedying that?) to exchange a wide variety of delightful homemade Christmas cookies. Deliciousness, gossip, and a whole lot of wine drinking naturally ensued. And of course, we documented our baking accomplishments for posterity and IFA blogging. Above is by far the most boring and unambitious entry of the evening: my green, Christmas tree-shaped rice krispie treats. Yes, I know it’s violating at least 14 tenets of the foodie gospel, but if you haven’t figured it out yet from all my candy posts so far, my views on food are about as far from foodie fundamentalism as Christopher Hitchens’ theological views are from Rick Warren’s. Besides, colored, holiday shaped rice krispie treats are a tradition in my family. And if you claim you don’t think they’re tasty, you’re a dirty rotten liar.

Anyway, stay tuned for more proper holiday cookie swap photos, with recipes, over the rest of the week!


2 responses to “Holiday Cookie Swap

  1. My ex-wife used to make holiday treats with the same marshmellow goo used make rice crispy treats, but she would use corn flakes instead. Add a little green food coloring and red hots for berries and you have yummy holly clusters.

  2. I am shamelessly plugging my own Southwest DC blog here. Cookied don’t count as realestate development, but they should!
    Unfortunately, I am on a calorie counting diet, so cookies are mostly out for the holidays this year. I did work in Rome, Italy for several years at an international student residence, and the students did not go home for the holidays, so I got into making TONS of cookies and candies while there in order to help them get over homesickness.
    Most of these goodies were Italian treats, but I threw in some good american cookies to round things out. I would make on the upwards of 4,000 hand made candies and at least that many cookies. Long hours in the kitchen. If I were not on a diet, I would be peeking in your windows during your part!

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