Let’s Talk Top Chef

by Becks

Sorry for not providing the full Top Chef liveblogging experience last night, folks. It was an evening of holiday and birthday parties for the IFA and we were all dispersed at different events. I’m afraid to even go too into what happened here in the post, as many IFAers might not have caught it on their TiVos yet. However, since you all might have things to say about it, feel free to chat about the episode in the comments. Some thoughts of mine after the jump…


What a load of crap, right? I totally called the ending, both the “Christmas spirit” bullshit and the “we’re disappointed in all of you” reasoning. I figured the probable outcome was 75% what happened and 25% Jaime going home as a big early upset. Given the alternative, it could have been worse. But still: LAME.


5 responses to “Let’s Talk Top Chef

  1. According to Lee Anne Wong’s blog’ the producers actually decided they couldn’t send anyone home the moment the refrigerator mishap was discovered. While chefs have to deal with such mishaps, the reasoning goes, it’s not a fair challenge unless they all have to deal equally. So the Christmas spirit nonsense was just cover.

    On the lame front, I loved Leah’s protestation that “nothing sucked.” I mean, really?

  2. Does the pressure of being on Top Chef cause some sort of chemical reaction in the brain that makes them think “hmmm Scallops, that sounds like a good idea. Never has come back to bite someone in the ass on this show. Let’s do that.”?

  3. 1) But the two affected by the fridge were in the winner’s circle!

    2) What’s interesting is that Miller and I were confused because the episode wasn’t hinting who goes home. No unexpected interviews, no shots of someone working out, nothing. We were without clues. And it turns out that was because they weren’t axing. Predictable much?

  4. In response to Ezra, where they wound up was irrelevant once the contest was unfair. It’s still an equity problem, even if the outcome didn’t show it. But, again, the producers made the choice in the morning, before the event and before the decision could be affected by the outcomes. Which is the right thing to do, rather than leave the judges to decide how great the setback was.

    And it could easily be argued that they wound up in the winner’s circle because of everyone else’s efforts, anyway. Note that the “prize” went to everyone, too.

  5. Wife to me: “Are scallops, like, the only thing Jamie knows how to make?”

    (cue scenes from next episode, uproarious laughter)

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