You’ve Really Got To Taste My Nuts

Also, did you know I own APPLE PRODUCTS!?

Also, did you know I own APPLE PRODUCTS!?

By Ezra Klein

In the summer, breakfast is easy. Medium iced coffee, splash of cream, half packet of Splenda. And oh, is that a banana? Yeah, I’ll take a banana. It’ll help sustain me while I play hackey-sack and let myself bronze. The winter is harder. For years, in fact, I’ve struggled with the question of winter breakfasts. Cold weather food must be warming. But warming food tends to be heavy. And I’m not going to braise a pork loin for my breakfast. Oatmeal, of course, is the obvious choice, but it’s never quite worked for me. Too much mush. The sort of thing Oliver Twist wanted seconds of, but I don’t really want any of.

A week ago, walking through the market, inspiration shook loose from the deepest reaches of my memory. Grape Nuts! When I was a kid, my mother used to heat them for me. One minute. They would soften, plumping with milk. They’d be sweet, and nutty, with an echo of their former rough texture in the mouthfeel. So I gave it a shot. Momma Klein was right. Warmed Grape Nuts are, by far, the world’s finest winter breakfast.




Pour Grape Nuts into bowl. Add milk till a bit of it begins pooling atop the Grape Nuts. Heat for a minute. YESSSSSSSS.


10 responses to “You’ve Really Got To Taste My Nuts

  1. I love Grape Nuts. They are such an underrated breakfast cereal.

  2. James Incandenza

    When you say “heat,” you mean microwave?

  3. Oatmeal gets a bad rep because everyone uses quick oats. HOWEVER. If people would go with whole oats, they would find out how delicious oats can be. (They’re also a whole grain, nutritious, can be dressed up in a variety of ways, etc. etc.)

  4. once again, Alton Brown is a resource…check his overnight slow cooker oatmeal recipe

    then you don’t even have to do anyprep in the AM, just scoop and serve…


    I’m also a big steel cut oat fan. They are also good as a savory snack with olive oil and cracked pepper and maybe a touch of Italian government subsidized parmesean or other good cheese.

    Not that Grape Nuts served this way aren’t great! Barley is an under appreciated grain.

  6. Nathan Williams

    Hot grains are definitely a winter staple, and Grape Nuts is sort of an easy path there. But I find that oatmeal (of the rolled, non-instant variety) or the various N-grain hot cereal blends from, say, Bob’s Red Mill, which just take 5-10 minutes of stovetop bubbling, are better. And you can make them savory, like cheesy grits.

  7. Note that I liked hot Grape Nuts before they were cool. Also: highly recommend a pat of butter on top.

  8. Try substituting Kashi 7-grain cereal (in texture it’s just like Grape Nuts, but twice the flavor!)

  9. I hate American oatmeal. With a passion. My mother and I used to have stand offs over it every winter morning (thank the powers that be that I grew up on the Texas gulf coast and there aren’t many of those).

    Steel cut oats are way better, and warm fruit makes my day, so I add a whole bunch of berries or apple slices or something.

    Or just warm fruit, like stewed apples or even microwaved apple sauce.

    Also, warm banana bread is heaven in the morning.

  10. Thank You!! Everyone has always mocked my soggy Grape Nuts Love, but I feel I am “known”! I hadn’t taken it to the next level with warming. that’s next.

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