All I Want for Christmas is Candy: Peppermint Nougat


This is my very, very favorite Christmas candy.


5 responses to “All I Want for Christmas is Candy: Peppermint Nougat

  1. It’s even better when they’re a little old so they’re slightly crusty. Like Peeps!

  2. thank you for sharing so many confections
    and sweetening the holidays!
    here is a special recipe for you, too.

    this is an old poem that was circulated in cookbooks years ago in prairie households:

    Take a little dash of water ,cold,
    and a little leaven of prayer,
    And a little bit of morning gold,
    dissolved in the morning air,
    Add to your meal some merriment
    and a lot of kith and kin;
    And then, as a prime ingredient,
    plenty of work thrown in.
    But spice it all with the essence of love
    and a whiff of play
    Let the wise Old Book and a glance above
    complete the well~made day.
    ~~~~~~makes more than one happy life.
    ~~~~~margaret harris

    merry, mirthful christmas!!!!!!
    (we must begin collecting recipes for next christmas!)

  3. This is my favorite, too. Looked everywhere after Christmas, to stock up on it, but there is none to be found anywhere around here. Looking for a recipe to make my own.

  4. They also have this available in wintergreen and cinnamon. Have you seen these varieties?

  5. Tabby Pagliaroni

    Christmas Nougat by Brach is also my all time favorite candy. I could eat it all year round. Wish they could put hearts for Valentine’s Day, chick’s for Easter, and anything else they can think of so I wouldn’t have to wait a whole year to get it! Come on Brach how about it? Maybe a shamrock for luck, huh?

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