Tasty…Plus a Question

by Sara Mead

Last night Matt and I had a delicious dinner courtesy of our friend the lovely Ayelish McGarvey. Everything–green salad, roast chicken with roasted vegetables–was delightful. But the best part was the dessert: Meyer Lemon Budino topped with powdered sugar and berries. Normally, I’m a hard sell on non-chocolate desserts, but this was awesome. Recipe here. 

Also a question: Where in D.C. does one acquire meyer lemons?


5 responses to “Tasty…Plus a Question

  1. You should be able to find them at any Whole Foods at this time of year. They are typically available between November and April.

  2. I saw them yesterday at the Whole Foods in Portland, ME.

  3. May I recommend the excellent Four Winds Growers:


    They sell dwarf citrus trees. You can grow them indoors. I bought a Meyer lemon tree for my mother for Xmas (and in fact got the idea from one of Ezra’s posts).

  4. Trader Joe’s has also carried Meyer lemons lately… I bought a package two weeks ago that I believe was $2 for 4 lemons.

  5. I just found this site while looking for recipes with Meyer lemons. I was surprised to find that you are friends with Ayelish, who is a friend I have lost touch with. If you would, I’d appreciate you sending along my contact information. Thanks.

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