In Which This Blog’s Head Explodes

By Ezra Klein

Back in 2001, David Manilow sold a show to Chicago’s WTTW station called “Check, Please!” The premise was simple: Each show would feature a couple locals who would review an eatery of their choice, then review the choices of the other amateur critics. But Manilow had a problem: He needed one more reviewer. So he called a young state Senator he knew, some guy named Barack Obama.

The episode was never broadcast. Obama didn’t seem “amateur” enough, and he dominated the show. But on the 16th, it’ll see the light of day, airing as the 100th episode of “Check, Please!” Until then, we’ve got some early video of Barack Obama, foodie:

As an official representative of the IFA, I’d like to formally extend Barack Obama an offer to guest post. A rare honor, I know, but just this once.

7 responses to “In Which This Blog’s Head Explodes

  1. Cynthia Manners

    I swear to God, he uses the same emotions to describe peach cobbler as he does to describe a trillion dollar deficit. No-drama Obama indeed.

  2. What a lovely, relaxing voice…

  3. the other guests are pie-eyed! so funny! no drama just dreamy!

  4. Could a D.C. edition of “Check, Please!” be that far behind? What a great clip.

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  7. @ellen705 seriously, the second video is the BEST. the 3 other people are like “oh! you’re going to be the president.”

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