Touch My Blade.

By Ezra Klein


I need a sharper knife. With a sharper knife, I could do many sharper knife things. Like cut a light bulb in half. Or chop vegetables more efficiently. So, yes, sharper knife. My honing blade isn’t doing much these days and my handheld knife sharpener isn’t getting the job done. I need a professional. Preferably an aged Asian man with a forge and fewer fingers than is considered normal. Anyone know where in DC I could go to fulfill my blade’s destiny?

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Image used under a CC license from Slinky 2000.


11 responses to “Touch My Blade.

  1. Eastern Market. If I remember correctly, Canales Deli and/or Union Meat Company will sharpen knives for $4 or so per knife.

  2. melissamccart

    If you call sur la table, they have knife sharpening days, I believe.

    I wish someone would show me. I’m not even very good at using the steel.

  3. I think it’s Union Meat Company at Eastern Market. Also I believe the Ace Hardware on 5th between K and L does it.

  4. Also: ceramic. Metal is for suckers.

  5. Getting a knife professionally sharpened is great. That said, we have the following sharpener, and it’s incredibly effective, much more so than any other sharpener I’ve used:

    Also, maybe you need a new knife. If you’re in Britain (I don’t think they sell them here), do what you can to get a David Mellor knife. Beautiful and a pleasure to cut with: If you’re in the UK, make a point of visiting their factory/store near the Peak District.

  6. If you go to Old Town Alexandria, head over to La Cuisine. They have a knife sharpening service–and then you’ll stick around to see what’s in the store. (You’ll have to leave the knives overnight.)

    They also have in-store classes. I took a knife skills class with Joe Raffa, executive chef at Oyamel. Class size is limited which means they fill up fast but it was a great class. He was a lot of fun.

  7. I was given a ceramic knife and vegetable peeler set for Christmas. Absolutely amazing. Much better than my other knives and no sharpening required… Can’t recommend them highly enough.

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  9. A steel rod won’t sharpen a knife, it just straightens the edge and takes care of the burrs. To actually sharpen you need to shave off some metal, and to do that you need a diamond rod. Get one of these (20 bucks) and you will have all the sharp you need.

  10. Get a GATCO diamond sharpening system and do it yourself for the one-time cost of about $70.

  11. loves that when blogging about needing a sharp knife, you feature a pic of the most non-sharp piece of equipment ever, LOL. then again, that’s the only kind of knife i would use on a lightbulb. ;)

    i bought a ceramic sharpener for $30 (at the time: it’s more now) ~ i have globals and have to sharpen on ceramic, but i didn’t have the cash to buy the whole ceramic honing system. i have used nothing but this for ages, and it’s cheaper than what you’ll find most places.

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