You Please The IFA: Moo Cow Fuck Milk.

By Ezra Klein

Via Michael Ruhlman — whose book The Making of a Chef is currently in my bag, and is great — comes Lewis Black on milk. And also water. And Coke and Pepsi. And other drinks. Just watch.


5 responses to “You Please The IFA: Moo Cow Fuck Milk.

  1. If it weren’t for lattes, I would never drink that stuff again. Too many bad memories of having it forced on me as a tyke by terrifying mom and granny. I could barely swallow it. They should write a check to Starbucks for putting milk back in my diet.

  2. So is milk cool again? Or is it still considered deadly?

  3. @Kate: Yeah right. As if Starbucks would use actual milk. What they use, is what most people probably buy at the supermarket: A protein shake that once was milk, a long time ago, before it was cooked until all the proteins (molecular machines of the body) fell to pieces and sparked more than a cutting wheel. Real milk is not heated. Starbucks does not use real milk. Period.

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