Do Not Want: Clyde’s Hummus

hummusBy Mandy Simon

Ok, listen. It wasn’t my idea to order it because I don’t generally order hummus at these kind of all-American places. That seems like a pretty good rule to me.

Turns out, at least in terms of Clyde’s, my instincts were spot on.

A little constructive criticism, Clyde: Chick peas, cumin and olive oil aren’t the only ingredients in hummus. How about some salt? Lemon juice? Maybe some tahini? Also, herbs that are included merely for aesthetic value and offer no actual flavor could be another decision to rethink. Take it easy on the oil, too. Jesus Christ.

If I were Toby Young I’d say something like, “This hummus is a clear symbol of the American arrogance that began decades of interference in Middle Eastern affairs.”

But I’m not. I’ll just say this: I despise your hummus, Clyde, and everything it stands for. (Though the banana split was delicious.)


3 responses to “Do Not Want: Clyde’s Hummus

  1. It’s amazing how often people fuck up hummus, considering how easy it is. Chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice. Maybe some salt, but you don’t need much if you use canned garbanzos.

  2. Also sesame oil, olive oil, and cayenne.

  3. this, in no way, tops the epically bad hummus i had the other day *AT*A*GREEK*DINER*… oh yes. and it was baaaad…

    this one included carrots, onions, celery, celery salt, very little/no olive oil (it was as thick and chunky as super-chunky peanut butter) or tahini and to top it all off: no salt or pepper. it was so bad that we ended up returning it, and i am usually very forgiving about hummus b/c i love it so much.

    but as usual, the rule applies: high-quality ingredients are easy to make delicious; it’s the ability to transform everyday ingredients that marks a true chef.


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