Bloggingchefs 3: The Title Bout

By Spencer Ackerman, with prep work and valuable input from Ezra Klein

Tomorrow Barack Obama will become president of the United States. In two weeks, either the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Arizona WTFCardinals will be Super Bowl champions. After that, it may seem, the world will descend into a post-partum trough of the blahs. What will rescue it? A cooking competition featuring some of the bloggers in your RSS client. That’s right — it’s getting time for BloggingChefs 3. And this one is for the championship belt.

Long story short: Every year after the Super Bowl, Bloggingheads TV hosts an Iron Chef-style cookoff — viewed split-screen style — in which two cooking teams represent their respective ideological dispositions for culinary supremacy. We cook three dishes in 90 minutes, all while debating the issues of the day, each featuring a chosen ingredient. Judging proceeds along the typical Iron Chef criteria: creativity, use of the ingredient, presentation, overall flavor, etc.

This whole thing started at the Raven in January 2007, when Megan McArdle told me she had a dream in which we were in a cooking competition. I ignored the overtones — I’m a professional, after all — and threw down the gauntlet. We’ve done this twice so far. Both times I’ve had the invaluable sous-chef/blogger assistance of our own Ezra Klein. Megan has been joined by Will Wilkinson, who, sadly, no longer lives in DC. Here’s video from last year’s bout — I’m having some difficulty embedding it, sorry — in which Ezra and I triumphed.

Now, as it stands, we’ve got a split decision. Team Liberal went down to defeat in 2007 but redeemed itself in 2008, as I mentioned. This year’s battle, naturally, is crucial. The title of best political-blogger-turned-chef is on the line.

So we at the IFA are calling you out, Megan. Sure, you’ve been moving to a new house, with more difficulty than is reasonable, and yeah, you may have some awesome-sounding new projects in the pipeline. But later for that. Battles once begun must be seen to their fateful conclusion. This was your dream. The gauntlet is thrown once more.


2 responses to “Bloggingchefs 3: The Title Bout

  1. If Megan isn’t available…

    (Secret ingredient: homemade bacon)

  2. Here’s video from last year’s bout — I’m having some difficulty embedding it, sorry

    Do you have Vodpod set up? embeds cleanly for me with it and my site is running cutline through wordpress as well.

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