On a remarkable day

by Kate Steadman

Two things: Several IFAers sojourned to the mall this morning (after eating a delicious homemade breakfast, of course) to be amongst the estimated 2 million. Our city has been completely invaded. Great for local businesses, horrible for my eating schedule. Also, to the New York Times: it was really totally and completely unnecessary to write up my neighborhood several times in the last week. Your timing sucks.

Anyway, back to the big event. It was incredible. As far as winter days go, a beautiful one. And please may I never ever be around so many people again.

Now, for you wonderful folks, we have a treat. Kay and I ventured to local home brewer Sam Chapple-Sokol’s to taste his special InaugurAle, the inaugural edition of his Audacity of Hops.

Here’s the brewer himself (and yes, he’s over 21. We asked.

InaurgurAle Brewmaster

InaurgurAle Brewmaster

Full review of the beer itself later today, after we have sufficient time to savor it celebratorily over dinner.


4 responses to “On a remarkable day

  1. Michael Cera is a brewer? Who knew?

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  3. Well, how was the beer??

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