About that InaugurAle

by Kate Steadman

An entire week has passed.  The glow has slightly dimmed, and gosh darnit if I’m not still exhausted from revelry and there’s still a line round the corner at Ben’s Chili Bowl.  Indeed, much has transpired since Kay and I ventured to a spacious Mt. Pleasant English basement apartment to taste a genuine home brew in honor of our new Mr. President.  Like a few separate tastings to confirm my opinion of the beer.

IFA ladies sampling the goods

IFA ladies sampling the goods

First, we were both thrown off by the name.  The beer is called The Audacity of Hops: InaugurAle Edition. This is not a hoppy beer, which should be hinted from the color, above.  Its heavy coffee overtones totally caught me off guard.

Vermonter Sam Chapple-Sokol, a paralegal for the Department of Justice, has been brewing at home for 4 years.  The beer has intense coffee flavors, which Chapple-Sokol says come from Hawaii, Kenya and Indonesia.

It’s a beer for sipping.  I could barely finish one; more than that in a sitting would be too much.  It has a heavy-bodied, slightly bitter taste, but the coffee aftertaste is the most noticeable.

You wouldn’t know it’s a home-brew, and Chapple-Sokol is obviously talented.  I don’t love coffee beers, but it was a special patriotic treat for the crazy week.  He only made 200 bottles in this batch, which I’m sure are gone for now.  But I’ll be curious to see what other political themes he’ll be brewing — how totally DC.


6 responses to “About that InaugurAle

  1. Dark beers can be hoppy, too, you know.

  2. yeah, but few are.

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