Snacktime: Thai Lime & Chili Cashews

By Spencer Ackerman

As far as snacking is concerned, I have two simple criteria. Salt is preferable to sugar. My roommates and girlfriend will attest to my need to keep the cupboard filled with popcorn and my convenience-store hunt for the right pretzel. And heat is preferable in most circumstances. It might look as if I’m sharing my wasabi peas with you, but in fact I’m going to eat most of them.

Today I found something better than wasabi peas. The Washington Independent‘s blog editor, Matt DeLong, brought a sandwich baggie of thai lime & chili-dusted cashews from Trader Joe’s to the office and offered me a handful. I don’t really shop at Trader Joe’s — Foggy Bottom is far; prices are high — but this is worth it. What could make the savory, salty joys of a cashew even better? Adding not only heat but a cleansing citrus acid. This is very close to a perfect snack.


6 responses to “Snacktime: Thai Lime & Chili Cashews

  1. You made me run into my kitchen for my stash of Blue Diamond bold almonds. Jalapeno Smokehouse and Wasabi & Soy Sauce are very tasty. Chili Lime and Smokehouse are also delicious.

  2. I actually think the prices at TJs are low compared to my Safeway in Dupont. Try the almonds coated in sesame seeds or the dried mango dusted with chili pepper. Delicious.

  3. agreed. prices on nuts are especially low at TJ’s. it’s funny how someone who doesn’t shop there would claim to know about the prices.

  4. These nuts almost make waiting in line at the Union Sq. TJs worthwhile. Thank goodness they brought the brand to Brooklyn.

  5. Trader Joe’s is expensive??? On this point, sir, we disagree.

  6. And I must also offer my enthusiastic endorsement of TJ’s aforementioned dried chili mango slices.

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