by Amanda Mattos

As I mentioned earlier, I’m sick. So I wanted something comforting to eat while I miss Top Chef night at Matt’s and Au at Velvet Lounge. I made miso soup last night, and I’ve been drowning in hot liquids lately, so soup’s out. I knew I wanted red meat, so as I wandered the beef aisle I thought, stuffed bell peppers! My mom used to make them all the time, they’re quick and easy and delicious. Perfect. So three hugely stuffed peppers are sitting in the oven right now. And right now, many minutes too late, I realized why that seemed way too easy: I forgot one of the main ingredients. I pushed those thoughts away as I quickly chopped and poured and squshed. “I’m a much better cook now than i was last time I made these things, I’m sure I’m just remembering it as being more difficult than it really is.” But no. I forgot the flipping rice. Basically I made meatloaf and stuffed it into some green peppers. These fuckers are going to be DENSE. And take a really long time to cook. Oh well. If I’d remembered the rice, I might not have been able to justify the mashed potatoes.


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