Angry Rant From a New Yorker: Out of my Cold Dead Hands, Mr. Ex-President

by Ben Adler

Of all the midnight regulations issued by President Bush, clearly the most pernicious is an absurd 300 percent import tax on French Roquefort cheese. To those who don’t know, Roquefort is an intensely pungent, slightly soft, blue cheese. It is excellent on salads, particularly those with bacon, oven-fried potatoes or grilled chicken in them, accompanying a balsamic vinaigrette. It can also be a fine garnish for a steak, and is excellent on bread, particularly with roasted peppers.

The Washington Post reports that on January 13 U.S. Trade Representative Susan C. Schwab announced the tax as part of a retaliation for a European Union ban on U.S. beef that contains hormones. Since Roquefort was already quite pricey this tax is, in effect, a ban.

But just as the U.S. is standing up for its Franken-food, the French are standing up for their delicacy. The French Agriculture Minister and French embassy officials in the U.S. are lobbying for a repeal of the ban. I wish them the best of luck.


One response to “Angry Rant From a New Yorker: Out of my Cold Dead Hands, Mr. Ex-President

  1. This is a disgrace and a total shame. Bush and his cronies are absolutely pathetic at best, evil at worst. What is the thinking behind this ban? How is this a retaliation, I don’t see how Roquefort in any way, shape or form has anything to do with chemical meat. Who wants hormones in their beef or any other additive for that matter? On the other hand, Roquefort is a natural product. I’m afraid this issue might have a lower priority than others on Obama’s agenda, this is too bad. Do you know if any progress has been made? While we’re at it, taxes should be reduced or removed on all European food imports, it’s just too good to deprive Americans of it. And BTW, I think American beef is the best, it shouldn’t need crappy chemicals.

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