by Sara Mead

So, Matt and I are leaving today for a week’s vacation in Barcelona. I’m really looking forward to it, and one of the things I’m most excited about is the food and wine–which everyone says are amazing. We have some dining plans already in mind: We have reservations at Alkimia and Botafumeiro and our plans also include visiting the Bocqueria market (we’re suckers for markets, of which we here there are a number of appealing ones in Barcelona), eating a lot of cured meat, and, oh, yeah, drinking lots of wine. But I thought I’d see what the Internets suggest as well: Any food-related activities in Barcelona we should absolutely not miss? Did I make a mistake booking us at Alkimia rather than Moo?  Suggestions for good places to do wine tasting, preferably from a variety of wineries, without renting a car?


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  1. My husband and I were in Barcelona over the holidays and can recommend a few places.
    As for markets, yes definitely go! We found the San Jose market to have more variety but the breakfast at Santa Caterina is not to be missed.

    And a couple of our fav. eating/drinking establishments:

    La Vinya del Senyor
    – Great wine bar. We went here 3 times! and is has lovely tapas as well.

    El Salon
    not tapas but wonderful little family place. excellent food and location.

  2. Keep your cellphone in your pocket. Mine was stolen by a some kid as I was trying to text…

    Anyway, it was a long time ago, but I remember a nice wine shop that was kind of in a basement, or lower level of an old, medieval castle or fort like building. Found some very inexpensive, but very good Spanish wine there.

    Also, I’d recommend dropping into a random tapas bar as you’re walking around. You can find some gems that way.

  3. Went to Barcelona a couple of years ago after a short break from my first term in law school. Stayed with some friends who were teaching over there. Two incredible restaurants I remember.

    Origins, It is Catalonian I believe. Also in the same neighborhood and not very far: la xampenet

    Good luck and enjoy the trip.

  4. You must stop at Pinotxo, a tiny tapas bar inside the Merkat de Boqueria. Amazing food! Just make sure to go early in the day because they run out of everything.

  5. You should go to el Born (behind Santa Maria del Mar). If xampanet is too crowded (it usually is), go across the street to the Basque Social Club (Euskal Etxea). The txakoli flows like water and the pinxtos are incredible. When I was there a few years ago, we were charged for only about half of what we ate and we watched folks in silly costumes folk dancing in the back.

    If you can find it – on the other side of the church there is a little restaurant that has ridiculously good truffles … but I was too drunk to remember the name.

  6. El Xampanyet: Amazing food, incredibly authentic. We went there five times in two weeks. There’s no such thing as too crowded!

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  8. Tapac 24 is a tapas place from a former El Bulli cook and is supposed to be good. He also has a more experimental place called Comerc 24 that i went to that was great, and not too expensive considering the quality. Cal Pep is also a good spot for tapas, though much more expensive than most tapas places. Make sure to try the jamon iberico de bellota while there. It’s expensive as hell, but the best cured ham you’ll ever have

  9. I was just in Barcelona around New Year’s. Tapaç 24 and Comerç 24 were both excellent, with Tapaç obviously being cheaper (it’s basically a little tapas bar) but Comerç not too bad, either, considering the quality. Had a very good lunch at Moo that was super-seasonal and fit the damp, cold weather of the day we were there perfectly. Also had New Year’s dinner at Manairo, which is reportedly getting its first Michelin star this year — very good new twists on Catalan classics.

    Also, the sandwich that Mark Bittman claims is the best in the world, the flauta d’iberic at Cafe Vienna on Las Ramblas, probably does have a pretty good claim on that title — and it costs all of 7 Euros.

  10. Amandawithana

    This little tapas place blew me away. The service was also exceptionally fast.

  11. For a mixture of food, drink, and, well, partying I had a blast at La Champaneria in the Barceloneta down by the beach. Its pretty simple, the only order you can place is for a bottle of cava with two “tapas” – your choice of ham, chicken, or cheese between bread.

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