Tannin Salon: Crap Wine Blogging for You and Yours

by A.A

Hi. Welcome to Tannin Salon, the portion of the Internet Food Association that relates to all things wine. I had noticed that the IFA was a little bit light on the booze, frequently omitting key content about what wine(s) pair well with whatever food(s) featured in a post. This is obviously unacceptable. We are, as one friend says, living in the New Austerity, and that means not only that it’s more acceptable than ever to consume cheap, er…”value” wine, but that everyone’s allowed a little extra leeway in drinking to forget the balance on their 401(k) statement. Also? Food and wine go together like bloggers and name-dropping: sure, you can have one without the other, but what’s the fun in that?

As a friend of many in the IFA crew and former D.C. resident/think tanker/blogger myself, I asked if I could have a little space to write about wine, so here I am. I’ll take any and all suggestions on topics, paying particular attention to wines on the lower end of the spendy range. Too many people are intimidated by wine, which is a shame, because if they knew how little basic information you really need to sound like you know what you’re talking about to other wine snobs, they’d probably want to join in all the fun!

I’m also keen to provide a much-needed West Coast presence on the IFA — I now live in Portland, Oregon, and you may have heard, but there’s some pretty decent food and wine out here.

I think that’s enough for the inevitably-awkward introductory post, but I hope you enjoy Tannin Salon (btw, Spencer’s responsible for that little gem). It’s booze you can use.

I should also note that “A.A.” are my initials, not a thoughtlessly snarky reference to a certain popular 12-step program.


One response to “Tannin Salon: Crap Wine Blogging for You and Yours

  1. verplanck colvin

    cool, more alco-blogging. A welcome addition.

    My fave crap wine is from NY’s finger lakes region: Bully Hill’s “Love My Goat” red. Kinda sweet, but great for pasta w/red sauces.

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