Quick Quiz

by Ben Milller

Quick quiz: What could change in this picture because of the stimulus bill?

Answer after the jump.

Know the answer? I’ll give you a hint–it’s not the actual food. Under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (PDF), which is likely going to be signed into law today by President Obama, there will be an additional $100 million for the National School Lunch Program. There’s just one catch: none of it is going to food. Instead, the legislation sets aside the money for a new grant program to help provide schools, especially those with lots of low-income students, with money to upgrade their equipment. Students won’t be getting food that’s any healthier, but at least the fryer will be brand new.

Snark aside, if the quality of cafeterias at low-income schools is anything like their classroom facilities, than I’m sure this program will provide much needed assistance. It’s just too bad they aren’t doing anything to improve the nutritional quality either.

(Image used under a creative commons license by flickr user prettywar-stl.)


2 responses to “Quick Quiz

  1. Actually, it’s not new fryers but actual cooking equipment that will be bought. Many school kitchens don’t have any equipment — just a microwave to reheat stuff. If they had ovens and stoves etc, they might actually be able to purchase real food and cook it. So…it’s a start.

  2. Thought you guys would be interested in this article about Madison, WI’s, school lunch program…

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