Thank YOU, Mark Bittman

by Kate Steadman



1,000x yes. I loathe standard American weekday breakfast. I don’t think I’ve ever felt full after bowl of cereal in my life. Sure, my friends mock me for my taste in old people cereal, but I just can’t stand the sugary stuff anymore. It’s just totally impossible to be productive following a bowl of frosted flakes (or coco puffs, or fruit loops or whatever.) My fall back is usually oatmeal or some grits with butter, but the blandness is wearing my stomach thin.

Lately I’ve been sneaking my lunch for breakfast at work – I’ve become unable to start the day after daydreaming about that wonderfully flavored meal just 30 feet away in the fridge.  Sure, I’ve seen my coworker’s noses wrinkle at the savory smells wafting in the kitchen.  And more than once I’ve been caught — and I feel forced to offer an explanation, which usually amounts to “no no, I’m not hung over! Just hungry!!” or “I’m out of cereal!”

Mark Bittman knows my conundrum. And he proposes a variety of dishes easily camouflaged as standard breakfast mush: risotto, coconut oat pilaf, wheat berries with scallions.  Heaven!

My new problem? I’m already at work, there’s nowhere close to the office with any of these dishes at 10 am, and I’m freaking starving. Sigh.


7 responses to “Thank YOU, Mark Bittman

  1. I made a polenta lasagna last weekend first time and it was surprisingly awesome… that polenta pizza recipe he posted sounds pretty similar, and is probably very good. If you’ve never used really firmed up polenta, I recommend giving it a shot.

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