What’s Next For Fabio?

by Sara Mead

After Fabio got kicked off Top Chef last night (sob!), there was much discussion in the Flophouse living room regarding the over-under on when his new Bravo! cooking show will be announced. Amuse Biatch today confirms that there is indeed a Fabio TV show in the works. Me loves.

I’m also curious about another venture Fabio’s apparently got underway: a website called kidshealthcafe.com that seemingly aspires to be a portal to health, nutrition, and fitness info for families seeking to build a healthier lifestyle for their kids. So far, the website’s kind of “ehn!” but you can find some awesome things such as this slightly weird video of Fabio playing with his dog.

Seriously, though, I’m pleased to see this: Kids in the United States are way less healthy than they should be. The current generation of children is likely to be the first in our nation’s history to have shorter life expectancies than their parents, and that’s due largely to lifestyle factors, in particular growth in rates of childhood obesity, and with it increasing rates of children experiencing serious medical problems (such as joint damage and Type II diabetes) that were previously restricted to adults.

Moreover, increased rates of childhood obesity are a symptom of broader social failures to care for our children: Unconscionable rates of child poverty, ass-backwards agricultural subsidies, under investment in urban and rural school and community infrastructure, urban crime, and lack of safe, walkable places for children to play and be kids. Drawing attention to these issues, and providing helping parents with resources to make smart and health decisions for their kids, is an important goal.

Now, there are lots of important initiatives and groups out there already working to improve children’s access to healthy lifestyles, but I think it’s good to add someone with Fabio’s charisma and food chops to the mix here. Afterall, in the UK British Chef Jamie Oliver has worked to improve quality and healthfulness of school lunches. Let’s hope that Fabio’s new TV show serves as a way to draw more attention to these issues (I’d love to see episodes where Fabio cooks healthy food with kids! Massive cuteness overload!) rather than distract him from them.


2 responses to “What’s Next For Fabio?

  1. I vote for a “monkey butt” count on Fabio’s new show which is sure to be the favorite of every middle-aged mother in America.

  2. Actually, you may be interested to know that the newest data from the CDC shows that life expectancy is in fact continuing to increase, and children today will continue to live longer and healthier lives than their parents.

    And, as explained here, rates of Type 2 diabetes among children have remained stable for the last two decades.

    I am in total agreement that there needs to be a focus on increasing access to healthy food and room to play (although 90% of nine year olds get a couple hours of exercise a day already), but programs that focus on making kids lose weight, instead of on overall health, often result in a lot of problems (increased focus on appearance, higher incidence of eating disorders, more bullying, etc).

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