Made in Spain

By Matthew Yglesias


It seems to me that a food blog written by DC-based political writers really shouldn’t go without mention of the PBS show Made in Spain with DC’s own (or, rather, Spain’s own but he lives in DC now) José Andres. The show doesn’t really make a ton of sense. For one thing, being able to pronounce English words in a comprehensible manner is usually a prerequisite for hosting a show, and Andres can’t to it. For another thing, Spanish though Andres may be, it would be strange to visit his restaurants and come away with the conclusion that he’s some kind of specialist in traditional Spanish regional cooking. And yet that’s (sort of) the subject of the show, which cuts back-and-forth between Andres visiting various food establishments (a restaurant, a cheese factory, a vineyard) in any given episode’s Spanish region and then shots of his kitchen back home where he cooks something. Cleverly, they make his wardrobe in the two segments the same, such that when edited together it looks like he’s teleporting back-and-forth from DC to Murcia.

Long story short, the results are nothing short of fantastic. Andres’ mangled English and immense enthusiasm manage to really elevate the narration to something far above and beyond anything available on the Food Network, and the relatively low budget production values let the food and the personality of the host shine through. And that, in the end, turns out to be what the show is about — not so much Spain as Andres; having fun, showing off, mispronouncing things, etc. It’s a delight.


3 responses to “Made in Spain

  1. I love this show. I have never been to his restaurants since I rarely get down to DC. I was totally intrigued by him after seeing his appearance on Iron Chef and when my girlfriend and I discovered his PBS show we became avid viewers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to air in Chicago, where I now go to Law School.

    Also, I have tried only one of the recipes from the show but it was ridiculously good. It was fried chorizo wrapped in thinly sliced potato on a bed of pureed piquillo pepper sauce. Fantastic.

  2. I concur. Not only a great show, but in the running for best outrageous accent of all time.

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