Carrot Cake Cupcakes

By Emily Thorson

Last Thursday I got back from work pre-10-pm for the first time in awhile, and to celebrate I decided to make carrot cake. Or, more specifically, carrot cupcakes. It’s true, I have spoken out against the cupcake conspiracy before, but it IS the only way to go if you’re looking to distribute batter-based items to as many people as possible while incurring the least amount of serving-related mess. I went with this version from Simply Recipes, largely because I liked the idea of adding coconut and pineapple. Sneaky! But what I was MOST excited about was the idea of piping tiny little carrots onto all the cupcakes. Every food blog recipe I read insisted that it would be better to use toasted walnuts or beautiful plain frosting or something classy. But dammit, those tiny carrots are adorable. Some cupcakes received two carrots, and a few even got three (those were the first to go when I brought them to work, incidentally).

Recipe verdict: great! The pineapple and coconut really do add a richness and complexity, and the oil makes it all moist and delicious. I would have added just a bit of finely diced ginger, but then I’m a ginger fiend. Also, the frosting was slightly too tart–I would cut back on the lemon juice–but the important thing is that it could be transformed into tiny carrots beautifully. Summary: carrot cake is delicious and I may start piping tiny carrots onto EVERYTHING now. They’d look super on my cat.


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  1. Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after sevearl days struggling

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