The Recession On The Way, Hey, But On Another Note

By Spencer Ackerman

A complete culinary list of my day so far, in light of the recession:

— three clementines, gifted from girlfriend

— the final strawberry yogurt in a supermarket-purchased six-yogurt pack, stored in office refrigerator

— remains of pickled cabbage/carrot slaw, in Tupperware in office refrigerator

— maybe a quarter-pound worth of pretzel logs, communal in office tub, along with remains of bag of tortilla chips that colleague gifted to office yesterday

— stale donut from breakroom

— three cups of office coffee, along with water from breakroom cooler and purloined orange Pellegrino (‘aranciata’) from stash bosses typically reserve for meetings with donors

You can’t be too thrifty these days. Still, Mandy and I are going to Rasika tonight, where I will fritter my money away.


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