The IFA is Famous.

By Ezra Klein

No one has posted this yet, probably because it’s hard to say “The Washington Post did a story about our food blog, with pictures” without sounding like self-promoting assholes. But, uh, The Washington Post did a story about our food blog. With pictures. That’s probably because there’s not much else going on in Washington lately. Anyway, read it here.


8 responses to “The IFA is Famous.

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  2. Huzzah! And is that Shiner Bock I see?

  3. CONGRATS!!! i feel ashamed for admitting this, but i thought ezra was a girl… damn, i am an idiot: m’bad! :))

  4. I also noticed the Shiner Bock. I’m a proud Texan, and I’ve probably had way more than my share of Shiner Bock, but I’m disappointed that my favorite food blog would be drinking Shiner. It’s the gateway drug of beers. It’s a nice stepping stone, but it’s really not a good beer… especially when you take it out of its Texas context.

    Anyway… I won’t judge you guys completely. Maybe somebody brought some good Texas BBQ and a case of Shiner to compliment it. If that’s the case, I tip my 5 gallon hat.

  5. Good work, guys!

    One thing jumped out at me when I read the article: Does “1,000 unique visitors a day” include RSS subscribers? There’s 733 right there.

    If you ever need any Canadian content from a provincial civil servant with a passion for food… (Unless you’ve reached your Jew quota.)

  6. Congrats on achieving such a level of recognition so quickly. The quality of your work is the clear factor. Time to start drinking better beer?

  7. Story was good – as is the blog. But most of you are posting from places with …. challenged cuisine available. It really reflects in the posts. You don’t get a chance to eat really good food often enough, and it leads to a certain constraint on the posts. I wish you were living in some place like Portland or San Francisco so that there was a chance for some sophistication to develop. You would have a chance to eat some real Ma-La cooking, excellent NW influenced food wouldn’t be outside your budgets, etc. Still, good work and I appreciate the effort.


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