Guess who’s on Twitter?

by Kate Steadman

Mark Bittman and Christopher Kimball, to name a few.


5 responses to “Guess who’s on Twitter?

  1. Question: If Christopher Kimball were the second-to-last food personality on earth you’d expect to be on Twitter, who’d be the last?

    I’d try to think of an answer, but I find myself needing my time to read every word of this spectacular blog of yours. Way to elevate the discussion!

  2. Calvin Trillin? He’d be the last, I believe. When he starts Twittering, I’ll eat my hat!

  3. Ha! I’d buy that.

  4. Christopher Kimball’s posting a bit about his Two Pigs Farm maple syrup. I bought some from him last year and it was out of sight. Highly recommended, but the catch is you cannot guarantee the grade you’ll get.

  5. don’t forget @ruthreichl, @cheftramonto, @gailsimmons, @TomColicchio, @toadmeister (<— toby young, ass-y top chef judge… funny tweets, tho *gasp!*), @ChefJamieLauren (another top chef-er), and @richardblais (who is my fave top chef-er of all time, not to mention an ATLien like me, LOL).

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