Time For An IFA Recipe Contest

By Spencer Ackerman

The president began the end of the war today. I wrote about it a lot. Lots of my commenters, friends, interlocutors, and colleagues don’t really believe it’s happening. Maybe I’m too credulous. Maybe they don’t know how to believe that the war is ending. It’s hard to say. But whoever’s wrong should have to eat this:

youknowwhatjustnoConsumerist found that, and the Washington Independent‘s Matt DeLong passed it on to me. I wonder what it would mean for the tenor of our public discourse if it became generally accepted that the loser of policy arguments had to eat pork brains.


6 responses to “Time For An IFA Recipe Contest

  1. It’s actually good.

    Which is as it should be, considering the fact that it’s incredibly unhealthy to eat. Like corn dogs, Ultimate Cheeseburgersā„¢ and anything with sausage.

    If you’re gonna “lie doon and dee” anyway, you might as well have a fried brains sammich.

    Now now, c’mon, it’s just another…

    Ahhh, never mind…


  2. Wrap that stuff in a bacon weave and then deep-fry it.


  3. I remember an article by a science reporter (sadly I don’t remember who or what publication) who was one of those people with freakishly low blood serum cholesterol. He consumed food containing an ounce (approx. 28,000 mg) of cholesterol in a week, and he ended the week at the only restaurant in his city that served calves brains, which he rated at a whopping four grams. He had his blood checked regularly and over the week his cholesterol count stayed rock steady. He didn’t recommend the diet, however.

  4. Speaking of deep fried brains, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYnL_nN7-tc


  6. Humble Pie made from pork brains…LDL change you can believe in!

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