Dots, Loops and Brunch

By Spencer Ackerman

Kriston decided to hold an improptu working brunch at the Flophouse today — he’s poaching eggs as I type — and so our friends Dave Weigel, Julian Sanchez, Megan McArdle and Peter Suderman are over, typing away on well-designed Apple products. Something seemed to be missing, though. An element difficult to place.

Suddenly Kriston put on Stereolab’s Dots and Loops record. A well-conducted census would probably report that at least half of the under-40 demographic living on the coasts or in the major cities of this country has attended at least one brunch where Dots and Loops was playing. If the act of squeezing a grapefruit or whisking an egg could itself make music, it would be Stereolab. I once saw them play and couldn’t really understand why I didn’t like their show. Now I know: it was too late in the day.


7 responses to “Dots, Loops and Brunch

  1. Midwest Product

    As much as I love Dots & Loops, I think Sound-Dustis my preferred brunch/breakfast/hangover album.

  2. I am ridiculously attached to my poached eggs.

  3. verplanck colvin

    as a newcomer to stereolab, how does emperor tomato ketchup (the only album I have of theirs) add up to the ones you and midwest product mentioned?

  4. I disagree with your your percentage, since I fit the demographic you speak of and have never once listened to stereolab. Then add the majority of the under-40 and living on the coasts that don’t write blogs and cook brunch regularly, and i think you’re off by a few orders of magnitude.

    Then again, you may just need to adjust your age rage to add a lower bound, and expressly qualify your demographic instead of just implying it. Perhaps 30-40, upper middle class, white, AND living by the coast, would get you a 50% number.

  5. Congragulations on a fun and informative blog! I’m a DC cookbook author new to the blogging game. Feel free to check out

    All the best,

  6. Spacy Kraut Rock for a hung over Sunday morning?!? No thanks. I stick to the folky classics – Dylan, Neil Young, etc. My fav is Garcia and Grismond Live.

    For everything Mexican in DC,

  7. Great!!thank you!!

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