Dessert bleg

by Ben Miller

Rather than doing some searching, I thought I’d turn to the commenters for help. I want to make some sort of fruit/berry dessert next week. Preferably something with either berries or citrus in the form of a crisp or tart, though I’m open to anything and would certainly prefer something more creative. Any suggestions for what I should make?


19 responses to “Dessert bleg

  1. Make something with rhubarb. it’s in season

  2. How about a buckle? I made this from the WaPo’s food section a couple years ago and never have had issue.

  3. I’ve been into pavlova recently. Mereingue with whipped cream and berry sauce…I actually saw the Barefoot Contessa roast her berries to make a sauce on her show last week, sounded good to me!

  4. @Laura do you have any recipes?

  5. blog orange tart from food & wine or smitten kitchen. i agree with the merinuge suggestion. my favorite is a tart with a nice vanilla custard and fresh fruit glazed with preserves. so good!

  6. Unbaked tart, except the crust. Mascarpone, cream cheese, pinch of ricotta, vanilla base in a hint of lemon crust, topped with any fruit you want. Chill and call me. I’ll be right over.

  7. Try this peach and plum crisp. It’s incredibly easy and really really good.
    It’s even better when warm and served with good vanilla ice cream.

  8. Two Helmets Cooking is willing to come make dessert for the IFA.

  9. I keep thinking tartufo : P

  10. Oven at 350. Pour a bag of frozen berries in an 8″ dish. Sprinkle with 1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar. Crumble half a bag of your favorite chocolate chip cookies on top. Dot with butter. Bake for 20 minutes. Three cheers for Jacques Pepin.

  11. Aaron Bergman

    Clafoutis. There’s a decent recipe in Bittman, I think, and a zillion online.

  12. I have just the thing for you! It’s a apple-raspberry cake, but the term cake doesn’t do it justice: the crispy coating around the apple and raspberry bit is more like a crumbly sugar cookie. Every single time I’ve made it, I’ve been asked which bakery it came from. The recipe is far too long to add below, so I’ll link to my blog where I wrote about it (NOT just trawling for hits).

    Seriously, this is incredibly good, and an absolute favourite in my kitchen.

  13. Oh, and if you’re going to make a pavlova, macadamia nut pavlova is the best! It’s a staple in many Mod Oz restaurants.

  14. melissamccart

    meyer lemon or pistachio semifreddo with berries is fun, too.

  15. Thomas Keller has a lemon tart w/ pine nut crust recipe that’s delicious, and oddly easy for a French Laundry dish. Kate has the cookbook.

  16. These were delicious, and they have rhubarb.

  17. cooks illustrated has the most perfect recipe for blueberry pie… i would say pairing that w/ a pate brisee crust flavored w/ orange zest and ginger should do the trick… and maybe a crumble on top instead of a crust? just a thought.

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