When gross things happen to good food

grossmoth2Oh, ew. Super ew. This guy found a live moth in a bag of spinach.

I purchased Certified Organic Triple Washed baby spinach and just as I was about to open the sealed package, discovered that there is a live moth crawling around. It can’t get out, because the package is sealed, and I guess it has been living off the spinach all this time.

People commented with a few other good stories (a cell phone in a bag of chips? Seriously?), but I would hope that the IFA could do EVEN BETTER. Anyone out there find anything especially horrifying in their food? Surprisingly, I haven’t, which is probably why I still eat everything straight from the package with careless abandon.

Or, if you’d rather, you could interpret his story as a cautionary tale of Why Processed Food is Evil and we should all be eating food grown by schoolchildren who ride organic goats to school every day. Your call.

P.S.: While looking for suitably gross moth photos to illustrate this post, I came across this article about an Australian family who found a giant moth in their house. We’re talking ten inches across. Wow.


15 responses to “When gross things happen to good food

  1. I bought a normal looking red bell pepper from the grocery store, and when I cut it open, there were a couple of maggots inside! It was awful. I couldn’t eat bell peppers for a couple of months. I’m reliving it all over again, now that I’m telling the story! Ugh.

  2. AAAAAAA maggots AAAAAAA! I’ve never liked peppers. Now I have a reason.

  3. Obviously he should have purchased the quadruple washed organic baby spinach.

  4. i ride an orgainc goat to work. is that weird?

  5. When we were dating, my husband and I were in the habit of eating at this one Chinese restaurant. The last time we ate there he found a used Band Aid in his egg roll.

  6. hmmm… well, I didn’t find it in my food, but not long after buying an economy size package of shredded cheese from Costco, I turned my back to put a plate of nachos under the broiler and, when I turned around, saw one of my cats chowing down on the cheese inside.

    Even though all of that cheese would probably have ended up melted/cooked before eating, I just couldn’t keep it…

    The cat, on the other hand, seemed pretty happy.

  7. Christopher M

    What a bunch of babies! Finding the odd bug or two in food is really not that big a deal. Haven’t you ever heard of worms in apples? Didn’t your parents teach you to pinch around in bags of rice, and poke around in lettuce, before you buy them, to make sure nothing creepy-crawly got involved at some point? I guess not. I wonder if this was a more common experience a generation or two ago?

    I’m not sure what processing has to do with it, also. You do know that actual farming happens largely outside, right? Where the bugs live?

  8. oh pluz… that’s good free protein.

    what are you whining about? Did you eat the little bugger and get that wierd wing dust in your mouth?

    that would be bad. you should pull the wings off before you eat them

  9. “when I turned around, saw one of my cats chowing down on the cheese inside.”

    and so, after the cat was finished, I wacked it over the head and stuck it in the broiler too!

    that’ll teach!

  10. I found a dead bee in a bottle of beer once. Ewww

  11. On the moth thing, we had a moth plague in Sydney in 2007. They were everywhere and in everything. But apparently they are a traditional food of Indigenous Australians, so a local chef started cooking them.


    Gross, no?

  12. A cockroach in a pani puri -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panipuri – purchased from a street vendor in India. Added an extra crunchiness to it.

  13. in high school my best friend and i traveled to nyc By Ourselves and wandered around aimlessly until we were beyond hungry and went into the next pizza place we came across. while waiting in line for our slices, we noticed a giant cockroach crawling across the only cheese-only pie. we looked at each other, shrugged, ordered it anyway.

  14. moths (or larvae) are not at all uncommon in food, especially things like nuts and flours. But a certain level of infestation is not only expected, it is permitted by law. Check with the FDA.

  15. besides, that moth is awesome.

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