Time for Grilling

by Ben Miller

This what I call the start of spring

This what I call the start of spring

Gorgeous weekend weather and a later sunset thanks to the start of daylight savings time made for a perfect chance for the inaugural grill of 2009. Two salmon fillets with a mustard sauce (2 tablespoons sugar and dried mustard plus two teaspoons of water mixed together) and grilled vegetables later, I’m officially ready for spring.

Anyone else in the area use the warm weather as an excuse for breaking out the charcoal?*

*Or propane, if that’s your thing.


4 responses to “Time for Grilling

  1. Coincidentally, I grilled chicken last night with a mustard-honey sauce. Of course, since I’m a propane guy (yeah, Weber!), I’ve been grilling out all year despite the weather. The warmth is an added bonus.

  2. I don’t start grilling until Q season is officially upon us. That means zero chance of more snow.

  3. We grill year round (charcoal only, thank you very much) because my husband is nuts. In fact, our favorite is “Crazy Steve’s Storm Burgers”. A grill basket makes veggies much easier to handle. Looks delicious.

  4. See, this is what I love about California. My inaugural grill of 09 was on January 3rd or 4th. When I was married, my wife and I used to celebrate every New Year’s eve by grilling steak and tiger prawns.

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