It Ain’t Safe No More

By Spencer Ackerman

Corby Kummer, one of the best food writers in America, has just launched something everyone at the IFA will be reading obsessively: an Atlantic food blog. And — holy cow! — he graciously shouts us out:

You won’t find the marvelous multiplicity of the vox populi and the comprehensive listings of many of the sites I admire and you probably do, too: Serious Eats, Chow, the Internet Food Association, Civil Eats, Grub Street, The Feedbag–the nearly endless daily feast, much of whose best and most provocative daily posts you’ll find in “Today’s Specials,” in the left column of our home page.

We’re natural allies, CK. Typical bartime conversation with us goes like, Did you read that Corby piece in the Atlantic this month? Why doesn’t he have a videoblog… Congratulations on your launch. (Also congrats on having my friend and former colleague Clay Risen as a contributor.)


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