Pavlova FAIL WIN

by Ben Miller

Whipped cream: The imperfection hider

Whipped cream: The imperfection hider

Last week, I solicited suggestions for what I should make for a co-worker’s last day. A few commenters suggested Pavlova, which is a meringue that is not fully cooked through, topped with whipped cream and berries that appears to be pretty popular in Australia and New Zealand. I looked for a macadamia nut recipe, which commenter Erin recommended, but actually ended up going with this one here.

In general, I thought the recipe was pretty easy to follow and really not too much work. That is, until I tried removing it from the parchment paper. Several cracks later, followed by a trip to work and I had this on my hands:



Fearing that it looked way too cracked and bad to serve for someone’s last day, I instead put together the pavlova with whipped cream (made in the office of course) and blueberries a day early so she wouldn’t see the mess.

In the end, despite the bad appearance, I was really pleased with this dish. I liked the crispy meringue crust with the marshmallow like interior. Even the appearance didn’t end up too bad, thanks to the quick-thinking of my coworker Jenny, who decided to flip the whole thing so we could get it off the paper. That, coupled with the whipped cream hit most of the faults. And the coda to the story is I ended up making something truly adorable for my departing coworker, which I’ll post next week once I upload the pictures.


5 responses to “Pavlova FAIL WIN

  1. Anything covered in whipped cream is delicious, IMHO.

    BTW, are those homemade poppy seed hamantash in the background? And if so, can I have some? Those are one of my favorite treats!

  2. @Michele They are indeed. Recipe to come on Monday.

  3. Woo Hoo!

  4. Helena Montana

    Maybe oiling or buttering the parchment paper prior to cooking would prevent the cracked meringue.

    Sounds like a yummy recipe–must try!

  5. melissamccart

    You can make individual ones with a pastry bag (or plastic bag with the corner cut off) in snail shape so the sides are higher than the center. I’ve found that the cooking time in the oven are way too long. You’re looking for a puff; you can see and smell when it’s done. Then it’s little pavlova with whipped cream and berries in the center.Half cookie, half tart. try Heather chittum has them at hook, too.

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